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The Gents Place Men's Fine Grooming is...
Redefining The Barbershop Experience.

The Gent's Place is a membership based men's grooming and lifestyle club in Frisco, TX providing the good life to discerning gentlemen. nullOur place was designed quite selfishly by an ordinary guy who hated getting a lousy haircut at the discount chains and also overpaying at his wife's fru fru salons. I delayed getting a haircut as long as I possibly could and would opt for the shortest cut when I did finally go, all in an effort to spend the fewest hours of my life in hair salons. I haven't been around long enough to know, but I'm told that it didn't used to be this way for guys. There was a place called the neighborhood barbershop where men in the community would network, enjoy a drink and a cigar, get a great haircut and shave, and most importantly, BS on the topics of the day.


I built The Gent's Place with the neighborhood barbershop of the past in mind but with all the amenities and services that the discerning gentleman requires to keep a consistent and professional look. A bar waiting area equipped with HDTV, a great selection of complimentary beer, whisky, and wine, fine cigars, and exclusive grooming services that you cannot get anywhere else are what makes us different. However, a world class client service focused staff is what makes us truly special.

If you are getting lousy haircuts and poor service from the discount chains or being "womanized" at your wife's salon,null it's time to man up and try the 3, 5, or 7 Course at The Gent�s Place. We are an exclusive provider of The Gentlemens Refinery and Baxter of California men's grooming products and services in the Dallas Metroplex. Check out the virtual tour of the main barber area and then come see what we are all about.

- Ben Davis, Founder