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What is a Gents Master Groomer?

Welcome to a whole new level of The Gents Experience.  It takes a truly world-class professional to rise to the status of a Gents Master Groomer.  In fact, less than 15% of our team have achieved this recognition.  Our certified Master Groomers have experieced a minimum of the following:

  • $1000+ annually in advanced education in order to provide you the highest quality technical experience
  • Average client request rate of 80%+ over the last six months
  • Minimum of 5000 men's grooming services performed at The Gents Place
  • Proven and tested knowledge of our expansive and premium retail offering
  • Consistently high marks on client feedback received
  • Signed recommendation by at least one other Master Groomer and CEO
  • Embodiment of The Gents Place culture and values

If you want to take it up a notch and experience the very best The Gents Place has to offer, choosing a Master Groomer is certainly a wise choice.  Currently, our Master Groomers include the following professionals:

  • Frisco Club:  Melissa (Master Groomer) and Kenzie (Master Groomer) - rates start at $55/service
  • Preston Hollow Club:  Nicole (Master Groomer) - rates start at $55
  • Leawood Club:  Idella (Master Groomer Manager) and Jatrice (Master Groomer)


Our Senior Grooming Specialists are well on their way to Master status and include the following professionals:

  • Leawood Club:  Robin (Senior Grooming Specialist), MJ (Senior Barber)